LG Universal Remote Codes & Program Instructions

You wish to use a universal remote to control your LG TV. In that scenario, you must configure your preferred universal remote control with one of the following codes.

Following the codes’ lists are step-by-step instructions for configuring your universal remote using the provided codes as well as two backup strategies in case the first approach did not work.

Try a different code if the first one doesn’t seem to work. We add new codes to our listings on a regular basis.


LG Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes

  • 0698
  • 1423
  • 0606
  • 0108
  • 0178
  • 1681
  • 0644
  • 1842
  • 0361
  • 1859
  • 1305
  • 0556
  • 4086
  • 2065
  • 0109
  • 0715
  • 1637
  • 1663
  • 0714
  • 1840
  • 0037

LG Universal Remote 3 Digit Codes

627, 512, 653, 678, 420, 766, 553, 520, 773, 615, 505, 506

LG Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes

11178, 13979, 12864, 12424, 12834, 10017, 11423, 12867, 13397, 10856, 12612, 11530, 12358, 11637, 10442, 10178, 11934, 11265

GE Universal Remote Codes For LG Smart TV

0004, 0050, 0009, 0005, 0227, 0338, 0012, 0057, 0080, 0156

RCA Universal Remote Codes For LG TV

1002, 1004, 1005, 1014, 1025, 1078, 1081, 1095, 1096, 1097, 1098, 1099, 1100, 1101, 1111, 1128, 1130, 1132, 1134, 1144, 1149, 1171, 1205

LG Tv One For All Universal Remote Codes List

0030, 0056, 0178

LG TV DirecTV Universal Remote Codes List

11178, 11423, 10178

Make sure your remote is powered by new batteries and that all connections are secure before setting up everything. Here are the instructions for setting up your device using an LG universal remote.

1. How to Program LG Universal Remote Without Codes

All LG universal remote control codes are run through the remote’s scanning procedure in the auto search method. It scans each code individually to figure out the exact LG remote code that syncs with your remote and allows you to configure the control.

The steps below should be followed.

  1. Turn on the smart device you want to use the universal remote to control, such as the TV.
  2. To “turn on” a device, press and hold the TV, DVD, CBL, and OK/SEL buttons for 3 seconds. The device is prepared to configure, according to the LED light.
  3. Use the remote to select the “CH+” and “CH-” switches. On/off indications are displayed on the remote. Repeatedly press the “up” or “down” key until the device turns off.
  4. Click the “power” key to confirm the code. It should start up. If it does, try a different channel to make sure the remote is configured properly.
  5. To save the code, press the “device” button now. The device’s LED will flash twice to validate the code that was stored.

2. How to Program LG Universal Remote With Manual Method

By using the keycode we can easily program a universal remote and the keycode identifies the make and model of your equipment.

  1. You must first “Turn The Device On.”
  2. On your LG universal remote, select “TV.”
  3. To put the universal remote in “Learning Mode,” press and hold the “Setup button” until it flashes a light.
  4. Finally, key in the “Keycode” you gathered from the programming manual (Instructions Booklet)
  5. Simply “point your remote at the TV” after finishing this step, and then “Press and Hold The Power” button.
  6. When the screen goes dark, you can release the “Power Button.”

For each function you want to use with the universal remote, you would need to repeat the procedures above. When you are through programming the universal remote, you must push the SETUP button to indicate completion.

This method replicates the IR signal from your primary remote to the universal remote, it is rarely useful as the other techniques usually function.

3. How to Program LG Universal Remote With Code Search

You can set your universal remote to search mode and look for the right key code if you are unable to find it at that time. The remote control is forced into search mode by a code in the instructions.

  1. LG TV you want to manage must first be turned ON.
  2. Hold down the CODE SEARCH button on the universal remote for a few seconds. Release the CODE SEARCH button once the indicator light turns on.
  3. The device button for the sort of device you want the universal remote control to control should then be pressed and released.
  4. Now, an indicator light ought to blink once and then stay illuminated.
  5. Press the POWER ON-OFF button while pointing the remote control at the LG TV.
  6. You must push and release the ENTER button as soon as the LG TV turns off.
  7. If you do not press the ENTER button within three seconds, the remote control will send the next code in the list, and you will be required to start over from Step 2.

If you followed the steps correctly, your LG TV should already be responsive to the universal remote. The code retrieval feature can be used to identify the code for your device when you locate a functional code using the method provided.

If LG Universal Remote is Not Working, Try the Below Troubleshooting

  • Check the batteries.
  1. Try replacing the batteries if all the buttons in the remote are not working.
  2. When replacing the battery, make sure to match the + and – label inside the compartment.
  3. Do not mix new batteries with old ones.
  • Check the IR sensor
  1. Most button functions in the remote like On/Off or Channel Up and Down work with Infrared light rays or IR. Ensure that there is no obstruction on the line of sight to the device.
  • Try to Unregister and register again
  1. Try to unregister and register again if some of the remote buttons are not functioning.
  2. If you have tried everything and failed because all the keys are not working, the remote needs to be replaced.
  • Setup or program the remote again.
  1. If everything is fixed, try to setup or program the LG universal remote to the desired device again.

Selecting the appropriate LG universal remote control codes will make using your device simple and effective. You can have a clutter-free experience in your entertainment room by following simple programming instructions.

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