JVC DVD Player Universal Remote Codes

Are you facing some trouble trying to configure your JVC DVD remote with other devices? You will find this information, a lot of help. Almost all working JVC DVD Player Universal Remote Codes have been gathered in this post along with the setup instructions you need for your remote.

As a newbie, the process won’t be any simpler, but by carefully following the directions and selecting the appropriate JVC DVD remote codes, you can eventually achieve success.

Try a different code if the first one doesn’t seem to work. We add new codes to our listings on a regular schedule.


JVC DVD Universal Remote Codes List

From the full list provided below, find the appropriate JVC universal remote controls for your DVD player and other home entertainment devices. Apply the specific code for the particular device you wish to configure with the JVC DVD remote while doing so.

  • 2115
  • 2097
  • 2166
  • 2017
  • 2204
  • 2217
  • 2206
  • 2090
  • 2028
  • 2096
  • 2047

Universal Remote Codes For JVC DVD VCR Combo

  • 0418
  • 0900

How to Program JVC DVD Universal Remote

If you want to configure your JVC DVD remote and operate multiple devices, you must follow specific instructions. You must acquire the proper JVC DVD universal remote codes, as was already indicated.

You should repeat if you’ve typed the code incorrectly on your first attempt until you were able to choose the proper one. Here we have concluded three steps for your convenience to configure your remote.

How to Program JVC DVD Universal Remote Without Codes

A universal remote can be set up or configured to function with your JVC DVD Player in one of three ways. We will now walk you through each of them step-by-step.

How to Program JVC DVD Universal Remote Without Codes

All universal remote control codes are scanned in the remote during the auto search method. To configure the control, it scans one code at a time to locate the correct remote code that works with your remote. You need to follow the directions below.

  1. Turn on the smart device you want to use the universal remote to control, such as the TV.
  2. To “turn on” a device, press and hold the TV, DVD, CBL, and OK/SEL buttons for 3 seconds. The device is prepared to configure, according to the LED light.
  3. Use the remote to select the “CH+” and “CH-” switches. On/off indications are displayed on the remote. Repeatedly press the “up” or “down” key until the device turns off.
  4. Click the “power” key to confirm the code. It should start up. If it does, try a different channel to make sure the remote is configured properly.
  5. To save the code, press the “device” button now. The device’s LED will flash twice to verify the code that was stored.

How to Program JVC DVD Universal Remote With Manual Method

You can still configure the universal remote using the Manual Set up if none of the other strategies have worked for you.
  1. You must first “Turn The Device On.”
  2. On your “JVC DVD universal remote,” select “TV.”
  3. To put the universal remote in “learning mode,” press and hold the “Setup button” until it displays a light.
  4. Finally, key in the “Keycode” you gathered from the programming manual (Instructions Booklet)
  5. Simply “point your remote at the TV” after finishing this step, and then “Press and Hold The Power” button.
  6. When the screen goes dark, you can release the “Power Button.”

That’s All!!!

Your TV should now function fine with the universal remote control. If it doesn’t, try repeating the operation with a different code from the same section of the reference table.

How to Program JVC DVD Universal Remote With Code Search

Imagine you were unable to locate a valid code for your JVC DVD Player. In that situation, there is yet another approach you can try to properly set up your universal remote. To get the correct code, this method use the universal remote search function.

  1. To proceed, turn on the JVC DVD Player you want to operate.
  2. Press and hold the CODE SEARCH button on the universal remote. Release the CODE SEARCH button when the indicator light shows.
  3. Then, push and release the device button associated with the type of device you want the universal remote control to control.
  4. We should now notice an indicator light blink once and then stay illuminated.
  5. Point your JVC DVD Player with the remote control and press and release the POWER ON/OFF button.
  6. You must immediately push and release the ENTER button after the JVC DVD Player has turned off.
  7. If you do not press the ENTER button within three seconds, the remote control will send the next code in the list, and you will be required to start over from Step 2.

If you followed the steps correctly, your JVC DVD Player should already be responding to the universal remote. The code retrieval feature can be used to locate the code for your device when you discover a functional code using the method provided.

Final Words

Have you attempted the correct JVC DVD codes that work brilliantly when configuring the remote with other devices? Kindly discuss your experience with us by informing us of the code you used and which device it matched. Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion in the comment box below.

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