Can’t Activate AncestryDNA Kit (Says Already Activated)

Ancestry DNA is a company that offers genetic testing. An ancestry DNA kit was introduced that provides historical information about your ancestors. With the help of this test, you can learn more about their habits, hobbies, abilities at work, and other things. Technology advancements are enabling us to advance.

In many situations, DNA science is also very helpful. With this Ancestry DNA kit, some customers are having some technical difficulties. I’ll explain the details of the Ancestry DNA instructions and how to fix any technical issues with this article. If your ancestral DNA kit won’t activate, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Let’s start looking for a fix. I hope that what I mentioned about a few activation errors and their fixes will be helpful to you.


1. Problem: How To Reset Ancestry DNA Password


You can reset your password using the proper email address if you choose the “forget password” option. Find the “forgot password” link in the sign-in columns by going to the sign-in option.

To reset your password, it will request your registered email address. In the box, type your registered email address, then click the next button.

Close this window before it switches to the code entry page. Within five minutes, you might get an email with a reset code. If not, after five minutes press the resend button. Examine the spam folders for any emails you have requested more than once.

A “resend” request must not be made within five minutes. You just have five minutes to complete this.

Check your inbox with each email address you used to register for Ancestry DNA. Contact customer service if you believe that your email address has been overlooked.

On the password reset page, enter the code you were sent in your email and press Continue. The code takes the case into account. Don’t change the code’s formatting. Input the code in accordance with the page’s requirements. (You could notice uppercase letters on the reset page and email.)

If you don’t enter this code within two hours, you can ask for a new code.

After entering the code that you were sent by email, the new password and confirm password fields are now visible on the website.

Your password can be more than 8 letters long and should include numbers, special characters, capital letters, and small letters.

After that, log in by pressing the proceed button.

2. Problem: Are You Facing a Problem with Your Email Address?


You must set up a new account if your email address cannot be identified or if you are given an email ID that is associated with another account.

3. Problem: How to Find an Activation Code?

Solution: You can see your printed activation at the side of your tube and instruction packet.

4. Problem: Have You Received an Invalid Code?

Solution: The activation code contains alternating numbers; see them clearly and enter them without mistakes.

5. Problem: Solve Your Activation Problem


If your activation code isn’t working, use the procedures below to fix the issue. The activation code contains a few dashes that are visible. When typing codes in the field, avoid using dashes. Dashes are entered automatically by the system.

The activation codes include many other types of digits and letters. Enter the code precisely, then check it again to be sure you entered it correctly.

Contact them if you continue to experience activation issues despite having followed these recommendations.

Contact Details:

  • Family history support:
  • For text messages 1-800-615-6560/Phone Calls: 1-800-615-6560
  • For DNA support:
  • For text messages 1-800-615-6560 /Phone Calls: 1-800-958-9124
  • For Account Support:
  • For text messages 1-800-615-6560/Phone Calls: 1-800-615-6560
  • For Mobile App Support:
  • For text messages and calls: 1-800-615-6560

6. Problem: Did You Lose Your Activation Code?

Solution: Contact customer care if your activation code is lost. I increased the customer service phone numbers for Customer Care. You can give them a call.

7. Problem: Have You Trouble with Blank Page

Solution: Sometimes you have a blank page due to cache and cookies. Clear the browsing history before login or activation.

8. Problem: Is Your Kit Inactive or Have You Lost the Activation Code?

Solution: An ancestry account and a DNA test are both linked to the activation code. Contact them if you misplaced your DNA activation code. If your DNA kit is not activated or connected for your test, it will not function. If you get in touch with them, they will provide another test.

9. Problem: Did You Receive an Inactive Kit?

Solution: Did you even get a test kit that wasn’t even active? In the account login area, you can activate your kit.

Sign into your account, select “activate your DNA kit”, and then click the next button.

Enter your activation code and select the next option at this point. When entering the code, avoid using dashes.

Click on your name to activate for only yourself. Click on the “my child option” if you’re wanting to activate the kit for your child.

Alternatively, select “someone else” if you’re trying to activate your kit for a different person.

Select review and consent under DNA processing consent. Press the next button after that. Avoid clicking decline, as that may deactivate your kit.

Now choose “I give consent” to send your sample to Ancestry for storage.

Click the next button after selecting “I have read the informed consent” from the menu.

10. Problem: Did You Forget Your Username?

Solution: Enter your email address in the username or email address form if you forget your username. The username will be delivered to the registered email address.

11. Problem: How To Create Your Own Account

Solution: Users of Ancestry must register with a new email address. Users occasionally reveal their email addresses to Ancestry users who are already signed up. In this situation, you must free create a new account and use it to open your own Ancestry account.

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