AOC TVs Universal Remote Codes & Program Instructions

Here are the most recent codes that are necessary to program your TV with any of your favourite remote controls if you’ve ever wanted to use the AOC universal remote control or would like to know the codes for your preferred remote control to program with your AOC television.

If you programmed the codes successfully using the techniques listed below, you can use them with your preferred universal remote controls or your existing Cable or Satellite remote.


AOC TVs Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes

6060, 0030, 0093, 0108, 0178, 0179, 0180, 0451, 0019, 0003, 0052, 0185, 0628, 0009, 0018, 0060, 0092, 0004, 0005, 0014, 0156, 0175, 0187

AOC TVs Universal Remote 3 Digit Codes

271, 506, 503, 052, 180, 004, 573, 503, 009, 345, 006, 011, 913, 007, 217, 520, 005, 088, 187, 505, 030, 102, 185, 014, 077, 002, 54, 119, 003, 235, 712, 695, 566, 131

AOC TVs Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes

12210, 18905, 10052, 12621, 13707, 10030, 00019, 12268, 12501, 12287, 16105, 12014, 19959, 11365, 10106, 10005, 11089, 12501, 12268, 12574

GE Universal Remote Codes For AOC TV

0004, 0005, 0009, 0014, 0156, 0175, 0187

RCA Universal Remote Codes For AOC TV

1004 , 1005 , 1006 , 1007 , 1082 , 1195 , 1196

Philips Universal Remote Codes For AOC TV

0002, 0102, 0502, 0003, 0217, 0119, 0320

Magnavox Universal Remote Codes For AOC TV

0017, 0023

How to Program AOC TV Universal Remote Without Codes

All universal remote control codes are processed by the remote’s scanning procedure in the auto search method. To program the control, it examines each code individually to determine which is the right one to use with your remote. The steps listed below should be followed:

  1. “Turn On” the smart device, such as “TV,” that you want the universal remote to control.
  2. Turn on the remote by pressing and holding the device button (TV, DVD, CBL, and OK/SEL) for 3 seconds. The LED light shows that the device is prepared for programming.
  3. Point the remote at the device and press the “CH+” and “CH-” buttons. The remote will display on/off signals. Continue to press the “up” or “down” key until the gadget turns off.
  4. Verify the code by pressing the “power” key. The device should turn on. If it starts, try changing the channel to ensure that the remote is programmed correctly.
  5. Now, tap the “device” button to save the code. The device’s LED will blink twice to confirm the code recorded.

How to Program AOC TV Universal Remote With Manual Method

We can quickly program a universal remote using the keycode, and the keycode identifies the make and model of your equipment.

  1. To begin, “Turn On The Device”.
  2. On your “AOC TV universal remote,” press the “TV” button.
  3. Now, press and hold the Universal Remote’s “Setup button” until it flashes (this indicates that it is in “Learning mode”).
  4. Finally, enter the “Keycode” that you found in the programming instructions (Instructions Booklet)
  5. After that, simply “aim your remote at the TV” and then “Press And Hold The Power” button.
  6. When the screen turns off, press and hold the “Power Button”.

That’s all, now your TV should now function well with your remote control. If it doesn’t help, try repeating the operation with a different code with the same section of the reference table.

How to Program AOC TV Universal Remote With Code Search

  1. If you can’t find the correct code for your remote right away, you can program it to look for the code. It’s a manual code that puts the remote into search mode.
  2. To begin, switch on the AOC TV you want to manage. (Note: Throughout the process, keep the remote control pointing at the component.)
  3. Press and hold the CODE SEARCH button on the universal remote. Release the CODE SEARCH button when the indicator light glows.
  4. Then, push and release the device button associated with the type of device you want the universal remote control to control.
  5. We should now observe an indicator light blink once and then stay lighted.
  6. Aim the remote at the AOC TV and push and hold the POWER ON/OFF button.
  7. You must immediately push and release the ENTER button after the AOC TV has turned off.
  8. The remote control will send the next code in the list if you do not press the ENTER button within three seconds.

If you followed the steps correctly, your AOC TV should already be responsive to the universal remote. The code retrieval feature can be used to determine the code for your device when you discover a functional code using the technique provided.

Final Words

A wide list of codes for your universal remote has been provided. Additionally, we have walked you through each step of the various ways to program your universal remote.

We sincerely hope that the universal remote codes and programming techniques were successful for you.

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We’re excited we could be of assistance.

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