Universal Remote Codes for All Remotes – PREMIUM and Updated

Having difficulty in finding universal remote codes for your audio or video device? You have bought a Cable-Box or Blu-ray Player and reading the hard copy of the lengthy manual.

Let me tell you how you can get rid of this!

You don’t have to create a mess with numbers and models because we have crafted an online, well-researched, and working lists according to each Brand, Cable Box & DVR, Satellite Box & DVR, Dvd & Blu-ray Player, CD Player, VCR, or Misc Audio Aux and you can find all universal remote codes in a single table.

All Universal Remote Codes List

If you can’t locate the model number of your remote control then you need to open the battery compartment. Remove the batteries and you will see the model number. Otherwise, you might find it on the rear side of your remote controller. You might find three-digit, four-digit, or five-digit numbers and definitely, this is the model number of your remote.

If you have plenty of audio and video devices’ remotes then it is time to buy a universal remote. This can avoid confusion of multiple remote’s usage and that’s what everyone wants. At this time we have Universal remote codes for all devices like Samsung Universal Remote codes, RCA Universal Remote Codes, and for other devices too. You can get them from the below best universal remote list including their codes.

We also have detailed and working procedures explained on how to operate the universal remote, multiple ways for programming the universal codes for any specific TV codes.

All Remote Control Codes

What is a Universal Remote Code?

Before you use any Universal Code you must know the basics and use cases of Universal Remote Control. A universal remote is a common gadget like any other remote which comes with your media device. It uses infrared rays to transmit commands to the built-in receiver.
In the late ’90s, people started to use universal remote controls and since then it has been evolved way too much. Advance features like touchscreens, keymaps, and other end-user facilitating technology are helping it to stand in the crowd.

How it is different from other common remotes? It can be used with all devices like a VCR or home theater of your family room. It could be used with satellite-box or DVD Boxes, under one’s own steam. The question comes up is, HOW?

Enter the model of your device into our website and you will get the working and live universal codes for your universal remote.

Brand Wise Universal Remote Codes List

Universal Remote CodesInformation
SamsungWorking Codes List & Guide
RCAWorking Codes List & Guide

All Universal Remote Codes Working List

Brand Codes
ADMIRAL701, 918
AOC002, 003, 102, 119, 217
BELL & HOWELL506, 601, 701
CANDLE002, 019, 402
CITIZEN002, 112, 319, 402, 407, 502, 512, 701
CLP CLASSIC004, 003, 002
DAEWOO002, 102, 110, 214, 303, 311, 314, 403, 407, 415, 502
DYNEX003, 013, 012, 030, 046, 050, 051
EMERSON002, 003, 004, 005, 104, 105, 106, 115, 204, 205, 206, 213
ENVISION002, 502
FISHER506, 522, 606, 619, 902
FUJITSU206, 321
GE002, 006, 007, 018, 107, 114, 310, 312, 502, 601, 704, 719, 803, 806
GOLDSTAR002, 102, 117, 207, 217, 307, 502, 819, 914
HITACHI002, 016, 116, 216, 315, 410, 502, 507, 515, 519, 607, 615, 622, 701, 707, 710, 715, 815, 902, 915
JC PENNY002, 007, 102, 107, 112, 310, 312, 402, 502, 512
JENSEN002, 502
JVC007, 107, 108, 308, 510, 607, 902
KENWOOD002, 502, 914
KONKA203, 208, 219, 306, 317, 417
LG004, 005, 009, 012, 050, 057, 080, 156, 227, 338
MAGNAVOX002, 009, 109, 118, 209, 309, 402, 408, 502
MARANTZ002, 502, 807
MEGATRON002, 502, 507
MEMOREX002, 115, 206, 502, 506, 601, 701, 706
MGA002, 102, 206, 502, 619, 803, 914
MIDLAND007, 107, 312, 713, 719, 818
MITSUBISHI002, 102, 206, 502, 510, 619, 709, 803
MOTOROLA901, 918
MTC002, 003, 102, 112, 502, 512
NAD002, 120, 502, 512
NEC002, 102, 110, 111, 502, 510, 602, 901
NIKKO002, 407, 502
ORION105, 115, 713
PANASONIC007, 107, 416, 516, 608, 618, 718, 807, 901
PHILCO002, 009, 102, 109, 309, 402, 408, 502, 508, 807, 901, 914
PHILIPS002, 009, 020, 109, 122, 202, 209, 210, 222, 310, 322, 402, 510, 807, 822, 901, 914, 917, 919, 922
PIONEER002, 120, 502, 519, 610
PROSCAN312, 601, 704, 719
PROTON002, 119, 220, 502, 820, 910
QUASAR007, 107, 416, 516, 608, 618, 718, 807, 901
RADIO SHACK002, 021, 111, 117, 406, 502, 506, 601, 618, 704, 705
RCA002, 021, 011, 102, 211, 302, 312, 318, 320, 406, 409, 411, 420, 502, 511, 514
SAMSUNG002, 012, 102, 103, 112, 212, 502, 512, 818, 914
SANSUI115, 215
SANYO002, 412, 506, 522, 612, 619, 902
SCOTT002, 004, 105, 206, 502, 805, 906
SEARS002, 112, 206, 312, 502, 506, 512, 520, 601, 612, 619, 704, 719, 902, 914
SHARP002, 013, 014, 111, 502, 509, 712, 812, 813, 913, 918
SONY202, 414, 708, 801
SYLVANIA002, 009, 109, 209, 309, 402, 408, 502, 508, 717
SYMPHONIC520, 904, 906
TECHNICS007, 107
TECHWOOD002, 007, 107, 502
TOSHIBA112, 313, 413, 419, 506, 510, 512, 517, 613, 902
VIDTECH002, 102, 502
VIZIO0050, 1000, 1222, 1322, 1189, 0218, 0219, 0220, 0221, 0222, 1169, 1168, 0081, 0112, 0143, 1011
YAMAHA002, 102, 502, 914
ZENITH002, 008, 115, 215, 405, 407, 507, 601, 701, 713, 903, 916

Universal Remote Codes For Cable Box & DVR

ALLEGRO054, 154
ANTRONIX448, 548
ARCHER448, 548, 648, 748
GEMINI449, 549
GENERAL INSTRUMENT053, 453, 454, 552, 554, 654, 752, 754, 947, 952
HAMLIN649, 749, 849
JERROLD048, 050, 148, 254, 348, 449, 454, 552, 554, 652, 747, 752, 947
PHILIPS150, 549, 650, 748, 750, 848, 850, 948
PIONEER051, 451, 950
RADIO SHACK055, 152, 154
RCA352, 647
SAMSUNG049, 051
SCIENTIFIC ATLANTA248, 251, 351, 451
SIGNAL049, 449
STARCOM348, 449, 747
STARGATE049, 449
TOCOM048, 751, 952
UNIVERSAL448, 548, 648, 748, 851
VIEWSTAR149, 150, 350, 651
ZENITH054, 154, 250, 353, 354, 450, 553, 653, 753, 853, 951

Universal Remote Codes For CD Player

AIWA787, 867, 885, 967
AKAI173, 375, 684
CARVER184, 268, 368, 468
EMERSON767, 868, 968
FISHER169, 269, 368, 369, 473
JVC869, 982
KENWOOD070, 170, 374, 474, 484, 969
LUXMAN270, 370, 475, 574
LXI379, 868
MAGNAVOX268, 681, 774
MARANTZ268, 470, 570, 874
NAKAMICHI071, 784, 970
NIKKO168, 269, 968
OPTIMUS070, 076, 368, 371, 376, 468, 469, 471, 571, 671, 776, 868
PANASONIC273, 675, 974
PHILIPS184, 268, 774
PIONEER289, 385, 469, 573, 676, 771, 871
RADIOSHACK089, 272, 289, 468, 571, 676
RCA086, 089, 181, 289, 368, 676, 767, 868, 971, 973, 988
REALISTIC368, 371, 469, 568, 570, 571, 767, 868, 968
SANSUI072, 075, 268, 868, 973
SANYO172, 175, 368, 473, 875
SCOTT767, 868, 968
SEARS070, 379, 570, 868
SHARP070, 569, 570
SHERWOOD272, 471, 570, 587, 769
SONY081, 372, 472, 681, 880
TEAC269, 287, 570, 571, 572, 672, 772
TECHNICS273, 683, 887, 974
YAMAHA074, 168, 286, 872, 972
ZENITH080, 269, 577, 674, 686

Universal Remote Codes For DVD & Blu-Ray Player

DAEWOO046, 645, 745
DENON641, 743
ELTA045, 145
HITACHI042, 543, 545
JVC242, 443
KENWOOD544, 641
KONKA642, 742, 842, 942
MARANTZ441, 442
OPTIMUS042, 545
PHILIPS441 442 943
PIONEER042 545
RCA644, 835, 941, 945
TEAC042, 545
TOSHIBA245, 411
YAMAHA641, 643
ZENITH142, 241, 345

Universal Remote Codes For Misc Audio AUX

AIWA585, 687, 786, 885
BOSE070, 170, 224, 374, 409, 460
DENON383, 981
FISHER083, 783
JVC583, 680, 982
KENWOOD283, 482, 484, 884, 969
MAGNAVOX083, 281
ONKYO182, 782, 882
PHILIPS083, 084, 184, 983
PIONEER288, 385, 388, 489
RADIOSHACK077, 188, 189, 272, 282, 288, 388, 489, 589, 980, 985
RCA181, 189, 288, 373, 384, 388, 489, 589, 688, 779, 788, 878, 888
SHARP070, 582, 768
SONY085, 180, 185, 285, 381, 479, 481, 581, 984, 985
TEAC187, 287, 382, 387, 672
TECHNICS088, 183, 682, 780, 983, 987
YAMAHA286, 386, 485, 486, 586, 685, 781, 785, 881
ZENITH080, 083, 178, 269, 278, 576, 577, 674, 686

Universal Remote Codes For Satellite Box & DVR

CHAPPARAL657, 659, 757
DRAKE059, 360, 857
DISH NETWORK067, 366, 460, 464, 560, 660, 962
DX ANTENNA458, 859
ECHOSTAR067, 366, 460, 464, 560, 660, 962
FUJITSU760, 860
GE265, 863
GENERAL INSTRUMENTS058, 066, 158, 166, 258, 665, 865, 960, 965
HUGHES SATELLITE DSS465, 564, 664, 864, 964
MAGNAVOX DSS259, 565, 862
NORSTAT761, 861
PACE063, 163, 266
PHILIPS259, 565, 862
PROSCAN265, 863
RCA DSS566, 265, 866, 966
SONY DSS160, 963
STS458, 558, 658, 758
TOSHIBA DSS064, 164, 764
UNIDEN762, 958
ZENITH059, 065, 163, 165, 266, 360, 857, 957

Universal Remote Codes For VCR

AIWA126, 324, 528, 726
BROKSONIC227, 325, 530, 626, 632
CCE230, 826
CITIZEN:025, 026, 425, 525, 625, 725, 825, 826
CRAIG230, 425, 426, 525
DAEWOO026, 135, 625, 626, 726, 825, 826, 926
NEC025, 235, 428, 526, 530, 725, 731, 831, 931, 436
OLYMPUS130, 226
OPTIMUS035, 224, 525, 537, 737, 837, 937
PANASONIC035, 039, 130, 226, 635, 636, 937, 938
PHILCO130, 226, 330, 635
PHILIPS130, 226, 330, 430, 434, 439, 536, 631, 734, 738, 934, 937
PIONEER132, 232, 436, 629
QUASAR039, 130, 635, 636, 937
RCA033, 124, 130, 133, 136, 226, 233, 332, 424, 425, 432, 532, 629, 636, 732, 832, 834, 835, 837, 932
RADIOSHACK027, 029, 035, 124, 129, 130, 224, 226, 324, 335, 425, 426, 428, 525, 631, 635, 726, 737
REALISTIC027, 029, 035, 124, 129, 130, 224, 226, 324, 335, 425, 426, 428, 525, 631
SAMSUNG037, 335, 425, 427, 429, 537, 624, 625, 629
SANKY224, 534
SANSUI235, 333, 436
SANYO328, 425, 426, 428
SCOTT325, 327, 433, 625, 626, 630, 735, 927
SHARP027, 224, 324, 338, 631, 637, 737, 825
SONY034, 038, 138, 238, 524, 838, 936
STS130, 226, 629, 834
SYLVANIA130, 324, 330, 536, 630, 635, 726
SYMPHONIC225, 324, 726
TEAC235, 324, 726
TECHNICS035, 130, 226
TiVo738, 838
TOSHIBA029, 330, 433, 625, 629, 630, 735
YAMAHA025, 235, 428, 436
ZENITH030, 036, 125, 326, 436, 437, 524, 525, 534, 632, 638, 729, 824, 925, 929, 936

Types of Universal Remotes

Obviously! There are two major types of Universal Remotes.

1. Learning Remotes
2. Pre-Programmed Remotes

  1. Learning Remotes

As the name says itself, it is a learning remote. It can learn from your existing remote and modify itself for a wide range of your devices. For example, if you have installed a remote-controlled heating system and remote lights into your house then you can control both systems with a single remote control by entering just codes.

Sounds Perfect?

Despite of being multi-functional, you must ‘teach’ them to convert it from learning to programming remotes. Once you have it you can operate multiple devices with a single remote.

  1. Pre-Programmed Remotes

This is the old guy of the universal remotes family. It can easily operate old TVs and also can control numerous devices up to 10-12.
It is cheaper than learning remotes in terms of price.

Designs and working of Universal Remotes

  1. The majority of universal remotes will use different D-pads to navigate menus on Satellite or Cable boxes as well as DVD players.
  2. There is a set button that can prevent accidental pressing of the universal codes on the keypad..
  3. In addition to entering the date and time, a numeric keypad can also be used to enter channel numbers.
  4. You can use the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ button to change the volume or channels.
  5. There is a power button and other series and switch buttons to determine which device is currently controlled by the universal remote control. Choose your selection such as SAT/CBL, DVD, VCR, TV, and different devices too like home automation devices, audio equipment, or DVRs.
  6. Most compact designs include a few buttons, such as volume control, channel selector, and power button, and are called keychain or TV-B-Gone remotes.

Some universal remote users shared some features with us after using it. Here are some:

  1.  Gaming consoles and PCs work through Radio Frequency protocol or through Bluetooth instead of working through infrared as the TP. Universal remote controls can also operate with these devices.
  2. Additionally, repeaters can be used to extend the remote-control range. In some cases, they are designed especially for communicating with IR repeaters (to remove the need for line-of-sight) and even for repeating over radio-frequency. Some devices can be controlled through the use of infrared signals from a remote control.
  3. Remote controls can replace your home phone in that room for making telephone calls.
  4. Remotely connecting a computer or PC is easier with universal remotes.
  5. For me, if I don’t know how to program a universal remote I would prefer to learn IR Code learning to program a Uni Remote.
  6. With aliases or push-throughs, multiple devices can be accessed without requiring the device mode to be replaced. For instance, a DVD player remote could make your television volume higher or lower.
  7. A programmable soft key allows macros and user-defined functions.
  8. The LCD screen displays information regarding the status of your Remote.
  9. Macros are designed to allow a one-button press to trigger the sequence of commands.

What are some things I can do with my universal remote?

Universal remotes are a great way to control your TV, DVD player, and more from one remote. As you’re about to buy one so be sure that it has features beyond the basics such as Internet connectivity etc. All of your devices can be controlled through a single remote and it would be fun for you.

1. Wifi Controls

We live in an exciting time! Remote controls are becoming more advanced as more features are being added to the latest generation of TV sets. The Wi-Fi-enabled remotes coupled with smartphones through an app let you use the remote while you’re away from home or work, making internet access possible no matter where you are.

2. Radio Frequency Extender

You always wanted to change the channel from behind closed doors or across town, but now with this universal remote, you can do it with ease. With both IR (infrared) and RF signals in one device. Extending its range by up to 100 feet, anyone will be able to press a button on their TV set while standing right next door!


The universal remote is not just limited to TVs either; these same advanced features also work perfectly well as an audio/video receiver so cable boxes aren’t necessary anymore when trying out new channels available through online streaming services such as Netflix etc.

3. User Coherence

Electronic commands are built into some remotes in order to speed up the programming process. For example, some universal remote controls have touchscreen LCD displays you can use.
Programming the remote becomes much easier with this feature.

4. Computer/Laptop Connectivity

Today’s top universal remote controls come with a USB port, which allows them to be set up from a computer. The updated remote database can also download command codes to operate newer devices, regardless of their format.


Do you really need a Universal Remote?

Remote controls are a great way to simplify your living room and regain full control over your devices. Hundreds of batteries don’t have to be bought now!

There’s nothing more important than your own convenience when it comes to entertainment. You may want to consider switching to a universal remote once your television viewing experience becomes a nightmare of remote controls!

It can be a hellish experience every time you want to set up your home theater or even turn it on when you have too many remote controls lying around. A universal remote might be a better option than always trying and failing. With this setup, you can control everything in your entertainment room with just one touch.

You just got home from a long day at work, and you just want to kick back, relax, and watch TV. Picking up three remotes, you sit down on the couch, not knowing which one controls what. Trying to figure out which remote controls the TV, which one turns on your speakers, and which one controls the cable, you fumble through the remotes. Can you relate?

How To Program a Universal Remote?

There are numerous ways to program a universal remote. However, before we discuss the methods we must know that how to enter the code into the remote and how we use it with our devices.

1st Step: How to find the code

In essence, it is necessary to search the web for universal codes. It is much easier now. You need to use the search option which is located in the right corner of the table. Users can also browse through the highlighted Categories or Sections to search for your universal codes for your remote to make it work with any device.

2nd Step: Turn on the Device

The device should be turned on once the remote code has been received. Each universal remote has a Power On or Off button. The device can be turned on by pressing the power button for a few seconds.

3rd Step: Programming the Universal Remote

For programming with the gadget, hold the universal remote directly in front of you. Make sure you are pointing your remote correctly to your desired device. Select either TV or DVD etc depends on which device you want to program. It depends on which device you want to program, it is all up to you.

4th Step: Inserting your Universal Remote Code

There will be a blinking light every time you enter the number you have entered for your universal remote. A blinking LED will appear two times after entering the entire code, followed by a flashing LED going off. After this, the device will be turned on automatically. The universal remote control is needed to turn off some devices manually. Upon completing this process, the universal code is successfully programmed to your device and ready to use.

What are the ways, though I can get Universal Remote code?

There are certain ways to program a universal code that we will be discussing in detail below.

  1. Direct Code Entry Procedure
  2. Manual Code Search Procedure
  3. Brand Code Search Procedure
  4. Auto Code Search Procedure
  5. IR Learning Programming Procedure

1. Direct Code Entry Procedure

Entering the code directly into the Universal Remote is the easiest way to program it. For more information about each brand or device, please consult the Code list or Code sheet provided on the website. With a universal remote, you can control VCRs, Cable Boxes, Home Theater Receivers, Blu-ray Disc Players, TVs, and even other media streamers. To get started, just follow these steps:

  • Turn on the device you’d like to control.
  • To program your remote, you must press and hold the Device icon. Hold the remote for a few seconds until turning on the device LED.
  • Depending on your remote control, you may need to hold down the Setup icon to begin the setup process.
  • You may enter the code for your device brand by selecting the Device icon. You should begin processing from the first code in case your brand has multiple codes. Upon entering the code, the power icon on the remote control should turn off.
  • Whether you received the correct code can be verified by observing whether the power icon is illuminated..
  • If the code is incorrect, the power icon may blink several times. This process must be repeated until the correct code is received.
  • Having completed this step, you should verify that all the buttons on the universal remote are functioning properly. Depending on the TV device you have, you can change the input source, select the channels, adjust the volume and turn it on or off.

2. Manual Code Search Procedure

An easier method of programming the universal remote is to check each code once rather than scanning the entire list of codes or brands. Nevertheless, it will take considerable time to check every universal code. In order to initiate this process, please refer to the instructions below:

  • Your device must be switched on before you can control it.
  • Using your remote, press and hold the Power button and the Device button at the same time. Let go of the buttons once the device is powered up.
  • Touch the power button on the remote for 2 seconds while pointing the remote towards the device.
  • Turning off the device or TV will allow you to confirm the remote has received the correct code. Press the Stop button to save the universal code.
  • A different code from the database should be tried if it fails. If the process does not yield the correct code, repeat the process.

3. Brand Code Search Procedure

As with the Auto Code Search feature, the Brand Code Search allows you to identify the correct code for your brand. Codes can be used to program a brand more easily if there is a multitude of codes. The instructions below will guide you through this process:

  • Your device (Cable box, Satellite receiver, DVR, DVD, VCR, or TV) must be turned On before you start programming.
  • With the Universal Remote control, locate the available brand code.
  • You have to hold down the Device icon on the remote for it to be programmed. Keep holding the Device button for a few seconds after you’ve turned on the LED button.
  • Now, in order to turn on the device, you must also press the Power button.
  • Let go of the device & power buttons and make sure it’s still on. Repeat the process if it doesn’t work.
  • Insert the brand code of your choice into the universal remote’s keypad. Just make sure the LED light on the Device button is on.
  • Continuously press and release the power button until the computer turns off. It is possible to determine whether the remote control received the correct code if the device is turned off.
  • To save the universal code, press the Stop button.
  • Your Universal Remote should have several buttons available for controlling your device.
  • The brand code on your device is exhausted if it blinks four times or if it doesn’t turn off. You can try another possible programming method if the LED light on your device does not turn off.

4. Auto Code Search Procedure

Depending on the brand of your device, you may be unable to find the specific remote control code needed. Using the Auto Code Search programming method will be a good choice if this is the case. The general remote codes found in the database during this process are scanned in order to identify the remote code that is appropriate. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Ensure that the device you wish to remotely control is turned on before you begin.
  • The device icon is an icon on your remote that you must press and hold for a few seconds in order to program your remote. The LED button will be on for a few more seconds after you have turned it on, so it is recommended that you hold the Device button for a few more seconds.
  • Press the power button on your remote control and hold it while simultaneously pressing the device button. This process should continue for a moment or two until the power button becomes ready. Once the power button is on you can release them.
  • Press and hold the “Play” button on your remote for a few seconds, and this will cause it to turn off automatically.
    • You can confirm that your device has been receiving the correct remote code by checking to see if it turns on when you press a button.
  • If the device does not turn off automatically after the procedure has been completed, then you will need to repeat it until it does so.
  • This can be tricky at first, but after you get the hang of it all is well. Pressing and holding on to this button for 2 seconds will turn your device completely off if programmed correctly!
  • For saving the universal remote code, click the Stop button.
  • If you’re not able to control your device with the buttons on this remote, it’s probably because they are labeled incorrectly. Flip them over so that A/B = 1 and numeral 2 becomes 0 or vice versa!

Universal Remote Programming through your Computer Online

Logitech Harmony, one of the perfect brands for programming remotes. So, instead of struggling with finding any available codes online and trying to figure out how it works in software or on your own device before hand-programming them, you can just connect Logitech’s remote directly through the USB port into your computer. This makes everything easier as well as quicker since there is no need to search around anymore; once connected all you’ll have left are options such as code type (handy if more than 1 person will be using) language preference etc.

Open google.com and search Logitech Harmony, open their official website and it will be comprised of a huge database of updated and more than 250,000+ active and working remote codes. It also allows you to store the pre-defined programming set up for future access. Here’s how to get started:

  • Access the ‘Logitech Harmony website’ by opening your web browser.
  • Enter the correct Logitech Harmony URC (Universal Remote Control) Model number which must be written on the back of your remote.
  • You can choose the brand and type of your device for which you would like to set up a remote control.
  • Copy it and enter it into your remote control through the app or whatever software they recommend to program.

The remote is a device that allows you to program your preferences and control various devices. You can refer to reliable sources for codes, or take the time out of configuring everything on one page with universal remotes!

Universal Remote Programming through IR Learning

Let me explain what IR learning is. There’s a chance that you’re one of the thousands who have been patiently waiting for this new technology to come out. It might be in your living room, kitchen or bedroom; but there will eventually be an answer where universal remotes and their corresponding devices can communicate wirelessly with each other without needing any cables attached!

This process is called IR Learning (infrared) because it sends control signals through invisible rays (IR) instead of physical ones like in older technologies such as radio waves, which transmit signal strength for greater distances than light-based transmissions. These two types also allow us different options depending on whether our goal is, range extension vs reducing clutter.

Step 1:
Choose the appropriate device on the remote control, such as TV, etc.

Step 2:
To make the most of your Universal Remote, you should activate the learning mode. If there’s no button to do so on its remote control or users’ manual consult any available help files for information about how best to proceed in order to get things set up correctly.

Step 3:
If you press a button on the universal remote (for example volume up) and then press the corresponding function buttons on your device, it will be turned down.

Step 4:
Re-do the below steps for each and every function you may want to replicate (Like volume up & down, channel back and forth or input select, etc) on your universal remote.

IR learning is a long and tedious process, but if you have access to the remote control codes or other methods fail it may be your last resort. This option requires patience as well as an understanding of what IR signals will work with different devices so don’t give up hope yet!

How can we perceive the code for my Universal Remote?

Program your remote control using these easy steps! Using the below-mentioned instructions, we can easily manually program our universal remote with a code search to make sure that each time you want something spelled out or changed, just enter in what’s needed and press “search.”

  1. Simply click on the TV or any other device that you want to use on your remote.
  2. The TV key will blink twice and then you can release it. It’s important that you keep pressing “Setup” while still holding it down for the countdown to finish, or else your set won’t work correctly!
  3. You will see the TV key blink twice when you enter “9-9-1”.
  4. When the “Power” button is clicked, release it.
  5. To do that, we must hold down the “CH+” button continuously so that we can “turn off” our device.
  6. The TV key should blink twice, so once press on “Setup” and release. If it doesn’t, something is wrong with the connection between your device and television!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the possible way to find Remote Control?

First of all, look out for your remote codes on the manual that comes with the remote itself. It could be written on a separate note, come within the box.

If you don’t find it on manual then you can search here on our website. You will get live and working remotes here

The last option is to call the manufacturer to get the remote codes. Remove the battery latch, have your remote model ready and that remote manufacturer can tell you multiple & official working codes.

2. How do I program a universal remote to my TV?

There are multiple ways to program your remote i.e. Auto Code Search, Manual Code Search, Direct Code Search, brand code search. You can also program through IR Learning or via PC as well.

3. How to Find a Code for My Remote Control?

Let me explain a few steps to tell you that how to find a code for your remote control.

  1. You can search on the leaflet book inside the box.
  2. Check with our website to find live remote codes for your remote.
  3. The last step is, you can call the manufacturer to have exact codes for your connecting device and universal remote.

4. Are all universal codes the same?

No, not at all. All universal codes differ from each other in terms of remote model and brand. The most important difference is your aiming device which you want to operate through your remote.

If it is a Blu-Ray device then the universal code will be different as compared to a DVD Players.

5. How do I program a universal remote without a code?

You can program your GE universal remote to work with most televisions without the code but there is a procedure that needs to be followed.

First, turn on your TV and press “Code Search” until you see an indicator light.

Next input this information using the number buttons on the remote (1-6) then select Set Code by pressing Enter or OK after each digit that appears under Settings – Programming Channel Number(s).

After saving all numbers into either Codeshare mode if there are two codes available for one particular manufacturer/model set-top box cable receiver converter etc., wait patiently before testing out whether they worked!

6. How many devices can be controlled through my universal remote?

If you’re looking for a universal remote control that can bring all your devices under one roof, then look no further. With the ability to manipulate from Two to Eight different machines simultaneously.

It’s hard not to find exactly what your heart desires in this category! To decide how many buttons are on each device just take note of where they reside – generally located near or around both shoulders as well if possible (and sometimes along either side) and are labeled as TV, DVD, STRM, AUX, AUD, Blu-Ray, Cable Boxes or SAT, etc.

7. I am unable to change the channels but volume. What is the solution?

If you have a satellite, cable, TV, or converter box, then you are able to watch your channels through that counterpart to your television.

Due to this reason, it is very important that you use the widely widely-spread remote control to handle your cable, satellite TV receiver for PC, or converter box.

8. If I change the batteries of my remote, do I need to re-program it?

No, the already programmed codes will be saved for around 10-20 minutes once you remove the batteries. We believe that this absolutely gives you tons of time before needing new batteries!

Wrapping Up!

Universal remotes can save some more space on your bed while you have a couple of electronic devices in your room simultaneously such as Air Conditioner, DVD Player, and LED TV, etc.

As a bottom line/wrapping up, you need to learn some facts in your mind while purchasing/using the universal remote.

  • Universal Remotes are not the complete replacement of those remotes which come originally with your purchased device. Some universal remotes have basic functions but some remotes may provide you with some extra or advanced features like access to home theater systems and TV settings simultaneously. So as a precaution, keep your original remotes somewhere safe along with batteries so you can get them easily whenever needed.
  • While you purchase your universal remote, make sure you are purchasing a programmable remote.
  • So you don’t want to lose the stored codes that you have found after many tries. Right? Every time you go to the shop to buy a universal remote, just make sure its cache memory could be stored for 10-20 minutes so you don’t lose the codes while changing the batteries.
  • Always keep in mind that not all remotes are programmable and can be updated.